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  1. Hurricane Irma Update!

    Hey Fuzion Fam! We're back up and running, with minimal damage to the lab. Shipping and handling times have returned to normal. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during Hurricane Irma. It was greatly appreciated and kept us going!

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  2. Does the Fuzion Vapor Lab have a ghost?

    Add us on Snapchat to find out! @Fuzion_Vapor
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  3. FDA Update!

    On July 28, FDA Commissioner Gottlieb announced a new comprehensive plan for FDA tobacco regulations with a strong focus on nicotine content. We at FuZion found the announcement encouraging or manufacturers and consumers of ENDS products. The comprehensive plan acknowledges the continuum of risk for tobacco products and the positive role that ENDS can play in addressing combustible tobacco use. The announcement addressed: -FDA seeking to lower nicotine levels in combustible tobacco products -FDA is extending the marketing application deadline for ENDS products to August 8, 2022 to encourage innovation -FDA intends to set products safety standards for ENDS components such as batteries and e-liquid packaging to lower risk of harm to users and exposure to children -FDA intends to give manufacturers more clarity in what information must be contained in marketing applications and how they will be reviewed. Overall, the announcement marks a step in the right direction by the FDA and we look forward to the new approach.
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  4. Customer Appreciation Party

    Hey Fuzionheadz, come celebrate with the Fuzion Crew at this year’s Customer Appreciation Party! Come enjoy tours, live music, drinks, and BBQ! This Saturday July 22nd 1pm to 5pm at 3400 Agricultural Center Drive, St. Augustine, Florida
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  5. Justin Gaethje dominates his UFC debut!

    Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje wins his first fight in his UFC debut. The fireworks were saved for the main event of TUF 25! Justin Gaethje (18-0) squared off with Blackzillian fighter Michael Johnson (17-12) in the lightweight bout at the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena. Justin rocked Michael Johnson with huge haymakers scoring a TKO in the final seconds of the 2nd round. Both fighters totaled 195 strikes in less than 2 rounds of competition. Gaethje hasn’t even sniffed a defeat in nearly 6 years. Justin’s winning streak is the third longest among UFC fighters. Justin has already called out his next fight, asking for Tony Ferguson in an interview with Fox Sports.
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  6. What's Your Favorite Build?

    Happy Hump Day ladies and gentlemen! Today I want to talk about builds. Everyone has a “Go To” build that they love. My personal favorite is a classic kanthal .2 build with good ole Cotton Bacon. Throughout the years I’ve seen so many crazy builds using all types of wire and cotton. There’s even a couple Instagram pages dedicated to vapers all-around the world showing off their beloved builds. A must have for any vaper is an all-inclusive build kit, you know the one that comes with the coil jig, scissors, ohm reader, different sized drill bits, and even a little pouch for your cotton. I remember when I first started building I wasted tons and tons off wire but my teacher was great…. Shout out to Shannon Gibbs aka The Build Queen! Shannon got me right! She showed me the proper way to build identical coils, how to tuck your cotton wicks to maximize and grab flavor from the base of your RDA, and last but not least how to clean gunky coils. Let us know in the comments below, what your favorite build is?
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  7. E3 2017

    E3 2017 has ended and boy are we in for a treat in the next coming months, all the way to 2018! Sony, Microsoft, EA, and Nintendo dropped a lot of new content and information for upcoming games that they are working on. I don’t even know where to start, there’s sooooo many great games that were previewed last week. For starters let’s talk about Anthem, EA’s new open-world shooter that is set to launch in Fall of 2018. This shooter takes place in the future where you and your friends play as freelancers who explore life outside the safety of civilizations gates for loot based rewards. The players are outfitted with exosuits that have unique capabilities and weapons that can be customized based on the players play-style. I personally can’t wait for this one to come out. It reminds me of a mash up between Titanfall and Call of Duty. Speaking of Call of Duty, Sledgehammer Games dropped a lot of info on this year’s Call of Duty which takes place in World War 2. This is my go to game every year and this one I am most excited for. This year’s COD is going back to its OG roots; that’s right boots on the ground! The COD Community has been asking for boots on the ground for years now and this year it’s finally coming back. Call of Duty WWII is going to bring back the true grit and darkness of World War II. The graphics look amazing and the sounds of the guns/atmosphere are unbelievable. In the multiplayer reveal that was premiered at E3 you saw a bunch of new killstreaks that looked devastating. I can’t wait to use the B-17 Ball Turret Gunner or the Fighter Pilot strafe run. I CAN’T WAIT! Those weren’t the only highlights of E3 that wowed the gamer community. How about the reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 set to release November 17, 2017! This year’s installment has a campaign mode which was widely asked for by fans. I have no idea how the last one got off charging fans 60 real dollars and not having a campaign mode. The game looks sharp combining all the generations of Star Wars. The multiplayer gameplay that EA released looked like organized chaos in a good way! So much was going on and I couldn’t help but take in all the nostalgia. The game looks like it will be much better than last years. Let’s talk about God Of War 4 from Sony which is set to release in early 2018. Santa Monica Studios has built a cult classic with the God Of War series and this year’s installment is looking to be no slouch when it comes to action. Set after Kratos has slayed all of the Greek God’s after their dishonesty of releasing him from his personal torment. The 4th installment has Kratos taking on Norse mythology. From what I gather from the trailer is that Kratos will not be alone on this journey as he acts as a father figure, mentor and protector to his son Atreus. The gameplay trailer looked incredible, Kratos has a battle axe and shield as his new weaponry, trading in the iconic Blades Of Athena. As usual Kratos will be taking on all types of enemies from big to small. This title lets everybody unleash their inner warrior! Last, but certainly not least Madden 18! Now I can hear the groans already about how stagnant the Madden franchise has been. It’s truly unbelievable that Madden is the only thing we have for football games during the year *cries in NCAA * BUT it looks like this year Madden is bringing the heat by using the world-renown Frost Bite Engine. Although not a lot has been released about this year’s installment, EA showed a trailer of Madden 18’s Longshot game mode and it blew me away. It looks as if Madden is bringing back the much-loved Superstar mode. The Longshot gameplay starts you as the protagonist Devin Wade who is a fallen star who is trying to play his way back into the league. I don’t know about you but im hype for football to come back. Madden is set to be released August 25th 2017. Let us know what games you’re looking forward to in the comments below!

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  8. Biggest Takeaways from the 2017 Playoffs

    Monday, we saw the close to the 2017 NBA season. The Golden State Warriors took it to the Cleveland Cavaliers; winning their 2nd NBA title in 3 years. Some thought that we could possibly see another blown 3-1 lead after the Cavs won Game 4 but the Warriors kept their composure and closed the Cavs out in Game 5 winning 129-120. What are the biggest takeaways from the series? Is LeBron’s legacy tarnished because of the loss making him 3-8 in NBA Finals matchups? Are we truly happy for Kevin Durant for getting his first ring after leaving Westbrook in Oklahoma City? Did we watch Lebron peak this season? I believe we may be watching a dynasty come together in the West. A lot of people forget that with the exception of David West and Kevin Durant, Golden State has built their team from the ground up. They have set themselves up to win over the next few years as long as everyone stays healthy. My personal opinion Lebron won't be able to catch the elusive ghost of Michael Jordan as GOAT because of those 3 losses in The Finals but I will say its impressive to make it to the championship 8 times There's no doubt that he's the best player in the world right now but when it comes to Greatest Of All Time you gotta give it to Jordan. This series raises a ton of questions and concerns for the NBA. What will be done to get a better balance of power between the conferences? I’m sure plenty of fans are tired of seeing Warriors v.s. Cavs. Weigh in below and let us know your thoughts!
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  9. Which Game Are You Most Excited For This Year?

    No matter what system or platform you Stan for you’ve gotta admit that 2017 so far has been loaded with releases for exciting games. It’s still early in the year and we’ve already received new systems and games such as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Tom Clancy’s: Wildlands, and Injustice 2! All those titles have done extremely great numbers wise, and have been met with a warm response from gamers. It’s still early in the year and there’s so much more to come. The Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation Neo are sure to put the pressure on developers to up their game to bring consumers true 4K gaming. Me, myself I’m looking forward to this year’s installment of Call Of Duty: WWII, Red Dead Redemption 2 and God Of War: A New Beginning. Those titles have an illustrious history of being great classics that fans will never forget! Comment below on what titles you’re looking forward to this year.
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  10. What's Your ADV

    My all day vape is Unicorn Blood by far! My taste buds are very particular when it comes to vaping. Vaping is very objective when it comes to taste. Everyone’s taste buds are completely different, for example I hate chocolates, tobaccos, and floral vapes. Can’t stand them, but some people absolutely love them! I’m more of a fruity vape kinda guy which is why I fell in love with Unicorn Blood when I first tried it back in 2012. Unicorn Blood brings me back to my childhood when I would just throw a bunch of Skittles in my mouth at once. Fuzion really hit the nail on the head when they made this one and for those who aren’t crazy about the colored juices it even comes in a colorless option. So we want to hear from the Fuzionheadz, comment below what’s your ADV and why?
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  11. Follow Us On SnapChat! @Fuzion_Vapor

    Did you know, Fuzion Vapor has a Snapchat? Follow us and look at all the shenanigans behind the scenes! Watch our story and look out for Snapchat exclusive promo codes and coupons!

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  12. Fuzion Vapor X D'Nish

    Hey Fuzionheadz! Were pleased to announce that Fuzion Vapor and D'Nish have partnered together to tackle the whole United States. Stay updated by following our social media outlets to watch for route updates and events that we will be visiting. Look out for the "Cherriot" in a city near you!

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  13. What Makes Krankberry So Good?

    I started vaping in 2012, ever since then I've been trying to find my ADV. You know, that flavor that isn't too sweet, too tart, or just plain bland. The day I stepped into Fuzion Vapor I found just that! It was love at first draw! Krankberry instantly takes you back to your childhood. You know? Walking to the local candy shop and buying that raspberry taffy or going to the gas station and filling up your ICEE with the blue raspberry. Well, thats Krankberry in a bottle! Anybody who calls themselves a vapor; Krankberry is a MUST-TRY!

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