1. FAQ and Support Questions

    Questions about e-Juice:


    Standard Line 65% VG 35% Flavoring
    Prime Line 85% VG 15% Flavoring
    Basic Line 80% VG 20% Flavoring


    There is no added PG in our FuZion Vapor juice lines


    Some of the juice in our Standard Line boasts beautiful coloring. However, if you choose colorless, the flavoring will be exactly the same as without.



    Coupon Codes and Sales:



    When we have sales, if you are unable to add a code to the order please let us know right away (when sale is going on), and hold off on putting an order through. Once the sale is over, we will send you another code to apply to an order, or help assist you with placing a code into the system. We will not refund you the difference if you place a code in and it does not go through. 


    Grab Bags
    All Grab Bag sales are final, there will be no refunds, or replacements. If the shippers lose, your order we will send you a code once the loss has been stated on the shippers site. If they damage a bottle, or bottle we will send you a coupon code for 20% off of your next order with us.



    Shipping, and Damaged Goods:


    Lab time
    Lab time is separate from shipping time. Our normal lab time is 1-3 business days (M-F) not including major holidays. This lab time can be extended due to weather, sales, and holidays.


    It is your responsibility to choose the proper shipping option for you. Once your order is picked up by the chosen shipper, it will then be taken to their sorting facility. The following business day will be your orders first day of travel. Once your order leaves our lab facility it is then the shippers responsibility to get your order to you. If it is delayed, or miss-sorted, you will want to contact the shipping company.


    Lost in Transit

    If your order ends up being lost in transit, the shipping company has an allotted amount of time to find the order. If they cannot find the order within the certain time frame we will then reorder the same order for you, or give you a code for the orders total. 


    Broken, or incorrect bottles
    Due to the FDA, we will need pictures of the broken, or incorrect product. After receiving the appropriate pictures, we will then reorder the juice.


    One bottle if one bottle is damaged or incorrect we will need a picture of the damage, and a picture showing the label which will need to show name of juice, size, nicotine level, and batch number.


    Two or more bottles. We will need a picture with bottles showing the damage. The other requirements can be taken separately on the two bottles.



    Order Issues:


    I accidentally ordered the wrong juice

    Mistakes happen, and we do our best to get to your emails ASAP that way if anything needs changed, we can get that taken care of before your item ships. If your item has shipped, and you do not want it, you will need to send it back to us. Once the item has been returned we will send you a code credit for what the juice costs, shipping price not included.

    I placed the wrong shipping address in the system
    As long as your order is still here, we can get that changed for you. If the order has been shipped, you will need to wait for it to return back to us. We can then reship the order out to the correct address.


    My juice tastes off

    We take this very seriously, and want to check on this right away. To get started with this claim we will need the batch number. Once we have located a bottle with the same batch number we will test the juice. If we do not have any other complaints with the juice, and we cannot find anything wrong with the juice, you will need to send the back to us. Once we have received the juice we will send you a code for the bottles worth, shipping not included.


    Order Statuses, what they mean, and tracking

    Processing -We have received your order successfully

    On Hold - Your invoice has been printed and our lab will be working on your order shortly

    Complete - Your order has been packaged, and is ready to be picked up by the shipper you have chosen


    Tracking - Once your order has been changed to Complete a tracking number will be available in your FuZion Vapor account. You are also more than welcome to contact us for it as well at: [email protected] 


    Error Message: Server Error

    This is a general error message, and does not necessarily mean our server is down. Most of the time when an order does not go through it is due to an AVS rejection, or card number error.


    AVS rejection simply means that the Billing address has been entered in the system incorrectly. Once your Billing address has been corrected, you should have no further issues with placing an order into our system.

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  2. Regulated vs Unregulated

    So, what’s the difference between regulated and unregulated mods? For starters, the biggest difference between the two is that all regulated mods allow for fine tuning of your wattage/voltage settings. The circuit board in a regulated device consistently maintains your wattage as the battery drains during use. Regulated mods also carry a variety of safety features that prevent battery malfunctions and electrical shorts. On the other hand, unregulated devices or “mech mods” require a general knowledge of electricity. Unregulated devices don’t have any circuitry so all the power from the battery is being pushed directly to the coil. Since there isn’t a circuit in unregulated devices; when the battery starts to diminish so does your wattage. With that being said, there isn’t a right or a wrong choice. It's more about personal preference when it comes to deciding to go unregulated or regulated. Happy vaping!
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  3. Call Of Duty: WWII

    The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Call Of Duty: WWII Its finally here and we love it! The series has brought back the nostalgia of a World War II themed game. Activision did a phenomenal job of making sure World War 2 felt fast-paced and fun without watering down the product. I personally was relieved to see the drastic changes to series, ESPECIALLY after last years Infinite Warfare. Gone are the days of jet-packs and wall running. Thank God! While my normal routine every year is to hop straight into multiplayer, this year I opted for the campaign. WW2’s campaign takes viewers through a dark time during history. The graphics are unreal, it’s like you're watching a movie! Activision’s rendition of World War II really makes you feel connected to characters in a way that we’ve never seen before.There were times during the campaign where I was genuinely mad/sad that one of my platoon mates died. Finally, multiplayer is fixed! Time to kill has been tweaked and the hitmarkers feel great! Scorestreaks really mean something now. My biggest complaint so far with WW2 is the amount of maps at launch. 9 total maps?! Cmon that’s a joke compared to the normal 13. Other than that WW2 Comment below and let us know what you think of WW2?

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  4. Fuzion Vapor Costume Contest!

    It’s that time Fuzionheadz! The second annual Fuzion Vapor Costume Contest is here! The 1st place winner gets a Hex Ohm! (3) 2nd place winners will receive a 50$ gift card to the Fuzion Vapor online store and (2) 3rd place winners will receive a 25$ gift card to the Fuzion Vapor online store! The costumes will be judged off of creativity and originality. The winners will be judged from Oct 27th – Oct 31st and announced November 3rd at 12pm. Best of luck!



    Here are the Rules!


    • Must be 18 or of legal age


    • Must provide proof of age


    • Must incorporate a sign with the #FuzionCostumeContest17 with your picture


    • To enter tag @FuzionVapor to any of our social media platforms (FB, IG, Twitter, or Snapchat--> @Fuzion_Vapor)


    • All submissions must be in by midnight of October 31st



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  5. Fuzion Friday is here ladies and gentlemen!

    Let’s talk nicotine! We all remember the first time walking into your local vape shop and being overwhelmed with all the many options of flavors and mods. R.E.L.A.X. We got you! It’s about first finding a device that best suits your tobacco consumption. Your device is the foundation, without a good foundation your setup can be doomed from the start. Trust me! The first question you should ask yourself is “how much do I smoke?”. This can be the pivotal decision that can either turn you on or off of vaping. One of the most common mistakes that are made by novice vapers is that they simply aren’t getting enough nicotine. Your nicotine can be set from a few variables. For instance, how many cigarettes you smoke or the type of cigarettes you smoke could have a huge effect when choosing a nicotine level. A good rule of thumb that I like to use is; if you’re a light smoker you should start towards the lower end of the spectrum like 0,1.5,3 and 6. For medium smokers start at 6,12, and in some cases 18 and last but not least heavy smokers should try 18, 24, and in some cases 36. Remember vaping is subjective and everyone’s body will react and absorb nicotine at different rates. Don’t be afraid to go up or down if you think your nicotine isn’t enough or is too much. Key indicators to look for if you feel like you’re not getting enough is “chain vaping”. “Chain vaping” is when the user takes multiple draws in a small-time frame. You’ll know if you’re chain vaping because your mod will be hot to the touch usually in the location of where your tank and mod meet. A tell-tell sign that you have too much nicotine is heart palpitations or headache. Both symptoms can be cured by drinking a generous amount of water. In conclusion, don’t be afraid to try out different nicotine levels to get the one that works for you
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    Hey Fuzionheadz! I know that header got you guys. Listen…. Vaping is very subjective. For instance, I love fruity flavors; don’t know what the vape world would be without that flavor profile however, I’m 50/50 on whether I’m going to like a bakery flavor or not. Not many vapers, experienced and beginners know this but WATTAGE!! Wattage can greatly affect the way certain flavors taste. Yes, that’s right Fuzionheadz WATTAGE! Lower wattages bring out more of the sweet fruits that we see used in the industry. Whereas higher wattages bring out more of the bakery in juices. So, with that said hold off just a little bit longer on throwing away that “nasty” juice. Try different out different wattages, you never know!
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  7. Winter Is Coming!

    Ok, I know I'm late to the party but I have finally discovered Game of Thrones. I almost feel like the first person who discovered fire! I started Game of Thrones since it was coming back from it’s break. So far I have made it about 5 episodes in and I love the writing and character development that the show brings to the stage. Since were on the topic of binge watching TV shows. Leave a comment below on what shows we should check out. We like a little bit of everything; from horror to comedy.

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  8. T.G.I.F.F

    We finally made it Fuzionheadz! It’s been a long one and what better way to bring in the weekend than a Fuzion Friday Swag Contest! Here are the rules to enter: 1)Repost the picture above on any social media platform and tag @FuzionVapor 2) Comment “done” underneath the BLOG 3) YOU MUST DO ALL STEPS TO BE ENTERED. I repeat you must do ALL steps 4) Winners will be chosen at random and announced Monday 5) MUST be of legal age to participate and be able to show I.D. Welcome to Fuzion Friday, may the odds be ever in your favor!
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  9. Hurricane Irma Update!

    Hey Fuzion Fam! We're back up and running, with minimal damage to the lab. Shipping and handling times have returned to normal. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during Hurricane Irma. It was greatly appreciated and kept us going!

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  10. What Makes Krankberry So Good?

    I started vaping in 2012, ever since then I've been trying to find my ADV. You know, that flavor that isn't too sweet, too tart, or just plain bland. The day I stepped into Fuzion Vapor I found just that! It was love at first draw! Krankberry instantly takes you back to your childhood. You know? Walking to the local candy shop and buying that raspberry taffy or going to the gas station and filling up your ICEE with the blue raspberry. Well, thats Krankberry in a bottle! Anybody who calls themselves a vapor; Krankberry is a MUST-TRY!

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