Let’s talk nicotine! We all remember the first time walking into your local vape shop and being overwhelmed with all the many options of flavors and mods. R.E.L.A.X. We got you! It’s about first finding a device that best suits your tobacco consumption. Your device is the foundation, without a good foundation your setup can be doomed from the start. Trust me! The first question you should ask yourself is “how much do I smoke?”. This can be the pivotal decision that can either turn you on or off of vaping. One of the most common mistakes that are made by novice vapers is that they simply aren’t getting enough nicotine. Your nicotine can be set from a few variables. For instance, how many cigarettes you smoke or the type of cigarettes you smoke could have a huge effect when choosing a nicotine level. A good rule of thumb that I like to use is; if you’re a light smoker you should start towards the lower end of the spectrum like 0,1.5,3 and 6. For medium smokers start at 6,12, and in some cases 18 and last but not least heavy smokers should try 18, 24, and in some cases 36. Remember vaping is subjective and everyone’s body will react and absorb nicotine at different rates. Don’t be afraid to go up or down if you think your nicotine isn’t enough or is too much. Key indicators to look for if you feel like you’re not getting enough is “chain vaping”. “Chain vaping” is when the user takes multiple draws in a small-time frame. You’ll know if you’re chain vaping because your mod will be hot to the touch usually in the location of where your tank and mod meet. A tell-tell sign that you have too much nicotine is heart palpitations or headache. Both symptoms can be cured by drinking a generous amount of water. In conclusion, don’t be afraid to try out different nicotine levels to get the one that works for you
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