1) Vape Tongue- Is your favorite e-juice losing flavor? You may have “vapers tongue”. We’ve all been here and there’s no doubt it’s frustrating! A common is misconception is that vape tongue involves your taste buds but in all actuality, it’s your nose that’s the problem. What you are experiencing is olfactory fatigue or loss of flavor perception. The best way to get rid of vapers tongue is changing juices for a little while or sniffing coffee beans cleanse your palate.

2) Drink Water! - The most common mistake made among vapers is not hydrating enough. Vaping can really dry you out so make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids.

3) Battery Storage- Keep your batteries stored in a battery case! NEVER put batteries in your pocket because loose change or keys could complete the circuit needed to activate the battery. Also, keep an eye out for rips and tears in your battery wraps. Rips and tears can cause mod malfunctions. Battery wrap replacements can be purchased at most vape shops or found online for cheap.

4) Not all tanks are equal- Cinnamon, citrus, banana, and menthol based flavors tend to crack plastic tanks. Beware of using e-juices containing these flavorings in plastic tanks as it could spell the end of your tank.

5) Regularly change your atomizer/coil- The general lifespan of a coil is about 1-2 weeks. Keeping your atomizer in for longer than the recommended time period could cause leaking and an unenjoyable vape experience.

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