• Krankbery and Unicorn Blood have to be my top two flavors. I can't get enough!

    Tia Stratton

  • I have been ordering juices online for about a month and the customer service and quality of their products is fantastic. I cannot wait to get my next package in the mail, every week i get closer and closer to trying out every flavor!

    Steven Kempf

  • 4 years ago I was smoking 2 packs a day. Walked into Fuzion and that day changed my life! They have the best juices I have ever tried. From the fun, family atmosphere to their top quality juices; they are easily the best vape company in the industry

    John Allen

  • They use VG and flavoring, no PG, which I personally prefer. Also, all their juices are made right here in Florida instead of overseas in China. Best prices in the industry!

    Danny Noler

  • Stumbled upon Fuzion one day and oh what a glorious day! We got Unicorn Blood, then Krankberry, then Narwhal Blood. These liquids have a beautiful burn and aren't harsh. We are officially lifers for Fuzion and can't say enough about them!

    Ashley Lynn

  • Best juice all around Krankberry! Love this company!

    James Wilson

  • All the way from Spokane Washington and Fuzion Vapor is all i use!

    Trevor Gouge

  • Best E-Juice Ever and such an amazing staff!

    Rob Lindsay

  • They really know their products and the industry. Only sells high quality stuff. Lots of flavors to choose, all max VG and comes in standard nic levels. You will not be disappointed.

    Corey W.

  • This company has been absolutely amazing to work with. Their prices are phenomenal, their customer service amazing and their juices are, hands down, among the best on the market. Thank you to everyone at FV.. P.S. "Can't Even" is the bomb!!!

    Rick Smith

  • The flavors are the best quality out there! I would not shop anywhere else!

    Kim F.

  • I would recommend the Unicorn Blood and Peaches and Pears to anyone looking for a good flavor.

    Sean Rasor

  • I am a fruit vape kinda gal. Either way I am picky as hell. Let me say, this Zombie Killer is THE best juice I have had the pleasure of vaping in a long time. Shipping is quick as well. I will definitely order again!!

    Ginger Manning

  • Hands down best juice on the market that uses absolutely no PG in any of their juices.Not only do they have quality juice, but great customer support as well (which is rare in this business especially online)

    Dan Sharp

  • Great juice simply put! I've got Unicorn Blood, Ectoplasm, Endless Summer, Elf Juice and Strawberry In Yo Soul.

    Thomas Ward

  • Will not vape anything else. I believe this is the only juice out there that does not use PG. I have a PG sensitivity so this is great. Their flavors are unbeatable. I highly recommend Krankberry and Unicorn Blood!

    Heidi Busa

  • Absolutely love this company. Every flavor I try is better than the last.

    Erik Dunlap

  • Great customer service when you purchase anything online, and they're amazing to active duty military and are very generous with applying a discount when not needed. 5 outta 5 for me and literally the best juice that I have ever tried!!!! THANKS GUYS!!!!

    Darrick Rasch

  • I order 2 of the sampler packs with Unicorn Blood, Krankberry, Narwhal Blood, Endless Summer, Ectoplasm, and Waterfelons. To my surprise all six juices were awesome.

    Lara Crane

  • I love these juices, but I love the people more. Great to work with and always making sure my customers are happy. Thank You From Kaotic Vape LLC and staff

    Kaotic Vape LLC

  • The range of juices they have is unbelievable just like to say a big thank you to Fuzion. Will be posting pictures when my new posters arrive thanks again Tom Birmingham UK from Vapourinn

    Vapour Inn

  • I love this company! Best juices period. Just ordered 7 bottles and can't wait to get them. Rasta blood is my favorite flavor it's so good. Will be a customer for life!

    Jason Fitch

  • My brother recently went to Hawaii and brought back some Unicorn Blood here to Alaska. It is the most amazing juice I've ever tasted.

    Cassandra Powell